The Five Frequencies

The universe wants us back.
The tremor of our awakening has begun.

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The Five frequencies of our universe are unstable.

Born from universal energies, The Five Frequencies tell the story of five orphans each with their own unique power. They are here to save humanity from an approaching storm of negative emotional energy and darkness.

They are on the threshold to a new world of their own creation. They hold the vibration within them to recalibrate the universal consciousness.

Five frequencies, five orphans, five films.

Universal Power of Balance
The emotional realm is out of balance. Love and fear need Harmony.

The planetary mood is shifting and we need to harness our feelings to restore equilibrium. Everything in our universe strives for harmony, for balance.

Frequency 1 is Harmony. Harmony is an empath who can physically feel another’s emotions. Her lesson will be tuning the emotional vibrations to restore balance between love and fear.

These energies vibrate through our universe, from the stars above to within our souls. The universe will go to any lengths to correct the disharmony of our world.
Universal Power of Attraction
Connection is dissolving. How do we connect within to find our place in the universe?

Connection is the energetic node of existence. It is where we find the channels to lead us to our destination.

Frequency 2 holds the power of emergence. It holds the resonance that connects what is within to what we are part of.

Our collective energy is emerging and transforming our level of perception. We are being catalysed to a new form of knowing where every frequency is contained within us and emerges from particles in the field.
Universal Power of Rhythm
Our natural rhythms are being disrupted. We must re-learn how to align with the planetary rhythms of mother nature and play part in the restorative power of cycle and rhythm.

Frequency 3 holds the power of rhythm. It must be earthed to the cosmic natural order to which we belong.

Everything beats in time as the universe goes through its cycles, each with its own rhythm and pattern.

It’s time to re-connect with the pulse that beats us. It will break us if we try to fight against it.
Universal Power of Soul Evolution
Ancestral wisdom has been lost. Ancient memories, learnings and patterns need to be reignited.

The reverence of our souls will reunite us with our evolutionary journey.

Frequency 4 holds the power of soul evolution. It must tap into our ancestral learnings and bring us back into the evolutionary path of our soul.

Ancestral connection guides us to higher consciousness. Our ancestors are calling out to us to return to them. Our ancestral lineage is a frequency like an anchor to a ship.
Universal Power of Unconditional Love
Love is losing time. Love is the counterbalance of fear and it is the ultimate transcendence of vibration.

Frequency 5 holds the power of unconditional love. It needs the surrendering of the soul for the good of humanity.

The time has come. The tipping point has been reached. The frequencies must unite to enable energetic calibration and win the battle of universal awakening.

The ultimate truth at the heart of creation is love, all parts of creation eventually return here. Discovering the oneness and natural state of love in all things guides our lives individually and collectively.

This is the call for the recalibration of the five frequencies.