HARMONY is the first lesson in The Five Frequencies saga. Born from universal energies, The Five Frequencies tell the story of five orphans each with their own unique power. They are here to save humanity from an approaching storm of negative emotional energy and darkness. HARMONY is about understanding how to balance the strongest human emotions: love and fear.

Harmony, a lonely 19 year old living on the streets, has the power to absorb fear from the people she touches. This fear manifests inside her as black liquid which she can wash off with water. But she must be careful, because if she takes in too much from others she could die.

When Harmony meets Mason he appears awkward, full of kindness and completely void of fear, nothing like she has ever felt before. For the first time in her life, she can touch someone without feeling pain and they fall in love.

Jimmy an evil presence, full of fear then finds Harmony and threatens her existence. Through a near death experience Harmony and Mason soon realise they must come together to balance the ever growing storm of negative energy that surrounds them.

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HARMONY is about understanding how to balance the strongest human emotions: love and fear.


I am Mason. I was born with the overwhelming feeling to always do good. Ever since I can remember I have never felt fear. Something is missing inside me. I can’t figure people out and why they do the things they do. I’m always writing lists to try to figure it out.

That is until I met Harmony. She has unlocked me and made me really ‘feel’ for the first time in my life. I can now feel fear and I think I can now feel love. But is it too painful for me?



I am Harmony. I was born with a gift. I can take away people’s fear and negative energy. But it makes me sick and I need water to wash it away.

Although I can help people, my gift comes with a shadow that I hate. It stops me from falling in love and I have always wanted to connect with someone.

I thought I would be alone until I met Mason. There is something special about him. But I am scared my power will destroy him.



I am Jimmy. I am fear. I don’t need to run from it. I embrace it every day and live for it! I have faced my demons, and they like me cause I’m a team player. My gang are loyal, but I need more of them. An army.

Harmony is the only one who may get in my way…



Everything in the universe communicates through vibrations. The Five Frequencies saga contains a number of symbols that help to decode the universal laws.


The astromagnetic bracelets strengthen the electrical and magnetic waves our hearts send out as we connect with the world and each other.


An earth crystal, the Galaxy marble also represents the merging elements for rebirth. It is an activator for universal awakening.